Keep These Outdoor Event Planning Tips in Mind This Summer

Outdoor EventAre you planning a big outdoor event this summer? Whether you’re hosting a concert or a craft fair, there are some important steps you should take to make sure the event goes off without a hitch. Check out a few of our favorite outdoor event planning tips below!

Pull the proper permits.

Most municipalities require event organizers to obtain permits for outdoor events. Check with your town or city as soon as possible to find out which permits you’ll need for your event. Be sure to ask about local regulations you’ll need to keep in mind when hosting the event as well. You may need to limit the amount of noise you make or shut down your event by a certain time at night.

Find the right venue.

If you’re holding an outdoor event in a well-established outdoor venue, you might not need to bring in much of your own equipment. However, if you’re starting from scratch and holding an event in a park, for example, you may need a gas generator, stage, lighting equipment and more. Whenever possible, try to find a venue that can accommodate the unique needs of your event.

Make sure you have enough restrooms.

Nothing will ruin an outdoor event quite like a lack of restrooms. Get a clear estimate of how many guests will attend your event in advance so you can determine whether you’ll need to bring in portable restrooms. It’s always best to err on the side of caution, as dirty restrooms with long lines can cause disgruntled guests to head home early.

Be prepared for foul weather.

When you hold an outdoor event—especially during the summer–there’s always a chance it will rain. Will a summer thunderstorm force you to cancel your event, or will you be able to carry on rain or shine? Try to provide your guests with enough shelter so that the event won’t be completely derailed by a passing shower.

At Studio 33 Stage Productions, we strive to provide our customers with everything they need to hold successful outdoor events. Give us a call or contact us online to reserve your rental today!

Modular Stage Systems Can Be Customized for Nearly Any Space

Stage Rental ServicesAre you planning an event at an outdoor venue with uneven terrain? Or maybe you’re hosting a music night at a local business with limited floor space. In either of these cases, you might be concerned about the logistics of finding a stage that can accommodate your needs.

Modular stage systems offer an ideal solution for venues with space constraints, irregular terrain and more.

This type of design allows each of our stages to be custom built using modular components that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. These components include things like drum risers, sound wings, stair units, modeling runways and circular stage platforms. Standard stage platforms consist of 4’ X 4’ decks that can be combined and arranged to suit spaces of all shapes and sizes.

Other common features of modular stage systems include wheel chair ramps, carpeted decks, guard railings, shade tops for outdoor events and backdrops for theatrical performances. In the past, we’ve used these modular designs to create stages for bands, speakers, dancers and even acrobats. Each of our stages includes black skirting, one stair unit and a coat of black or gray paint at no extra cost to our customers.

Modular stage systems are strong, versatile and far more affordable than permanent stage installations. If you’re looking for an effective stage design solution for your next big event, the team at Studio 33 would be happy to help. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our modular stage designs today!

Bring Your Theatre Lighting to Life With These Helpful Tips

Lighting designers are the unsung heroes of stage production. Just imagine a scene where the theatre goes dark, and the spotlight follows the main character through the performance’s pivotal monologue. These are the scenes that stick with an audience, and to pull that off, you’ll need to pay close attention to your lighting.

Be Color Conscious 

The lighting in your next stage production doesn’t have to be monochromatic. Utilizing different color tones can change the way your audience sees the stage, and convey different moods that correspond to each scene. The color of your stage lights can even mimic natural lighting, such as the diffused golden glow of afternoon sunlight through tree branches.

Play With Patterns

In addition to colors, you can also incorporate patterns into your lighting design to achieve some striking results. You can use a variety of materials to accomplish this: cut metals, colored glass, or any number of gobos and LED designs. Create a starry night; a jungle backdrop or even a character’s dream world. Anything is possible with creative pattern work.

Light the Narrative

This is one tip we cannot stress enough: make sure the lighting is in sync with the performance. Thoughtful lighting can breathe new life into a performance, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the piece before you finalize your design. This way, you can use lighting to gently guide the audience through the play’s narrative and draw attention to important details.

Know Your Gear

Before you start thinking about timing and color theory, make sure you understand your equipment. The last thing you want is for a lighting malfunction to derail the show. If you’re using a venue’s in-house lighting equipment, be sure to spend some time practicing with it before you start developing your lighting design. By the time rehearsals start, you should have a clear understanding of the capabilities and limitations of your equipment.

At Studio 33, we have all the professional lighting equipment you need to make your next theatre production a success. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our lighting rentals today!

Stay Safe on the Ice Skating Rink With These Helpful Tips

Stay Safe on the Ice Skating Rink With These Helpful TipsIce skating can be a lot of fun, but to enjoy this popular winter activity safely, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These safety tips can ensure you have a great ice skating experience by preventing avoidable injuries.

Make sure your skates fit properly.

Unless you own a pair of skates, you’ll need to rent a pair to go ice skating at your local rink. There’s nothing wrong with rental skates, but be sure to lace them up properly and check their fit. If they’re too tight or too loose, take them back and ask for a new pair. Ill-fitting skates can make it much harder to maintain control on the ice.

Avoid body checking and skating against the flow of traffic.

Some people, especially kids, tend to act erratically when ice skating. They body check their friends, skate in the wrong direction and do other things that could put themselves and others in harm’s way. Don’t be one of these people. Avoid coming into contact with other skaters, and always skate in the same direction as the rest of the group.

Be prepared for falls.

No matter how well you skate, there’s always a chance that you’re going to fall. Be mindful of this possibility as you skate. If you do happen to fall, resist the urge to catch yourself with your arm since it could result in a broken wrist. Instead, try to tuck your arms in and roll onto your back as you fall to absorb the impact.

Want to install a temporary skating rink in your town this season? The design team at Studio 33 can help. We’ve spent years installing and operating ice rinks in California cities such as Rialto, Temecula and Fontana. Give us a call or contact us online today to learn more!

Throw the Best Holiday Party of the Year With Studio 33

Throw the Best Holiday Party of the Year With Studio 33The holiday season is almost upon us, which means there will soon be all kinds of festive fun to be had! Hosting a party can be a great way to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Here at Studio 33 Stage Productions, we have just what you need to throw the best holiday party of the year!

Photo booths

For a fun and memorable experience that everyone will want to take part in, consider renting a photo booth! We have props and themes for our booths that will make the picture-taking process a blast. Use the photos as favors for your guests to take home, or put photos in a custom album to create an instant scrapbook that you’ll love to look back on year after year.

Our rental packages include: enclosed or open air booth; friendly photo booth host; full color or black and white photos; touch screen monitor; double prints 2×6 or single 4×6; customizable print borders; super-fast print cycles; private uploads to an online gallery; CD of all images to the purchaser; basic props; craft scissors, artist pens and glue sticks for on-site scrapbooking.

DJ equipment

No party is complete without music, so get the party going with some DJ equipment! We offer a system with CD player, mixer, microphone, speakers and more. We also have additional sound equipment available upon request and can customize a package to fit your party needs.

Dance floors

If you have music, you’d better have dancing! Impress your guests with a dance floor where they can show off their moves! We offer a variety of sizes to help you find just the right fit for your party space.

Contact us today for package and pricing options and let us help you throw a holiday party your friends and family won’t soon forget!

Crowd Control Tips for Your Next Big Event

Crowd Control Tips for Your Next Big EventThrowing a big event like a concert, charity auction or birthday bash this summer? Hosting an event for so many people is no joke, and there’s plenty to plan for. One thing you may not have considered is crowd control. Today we’ll look at a few ways you can keep the crowd in check so that everyone in attendance can stay safe and enjoy the day.

The first thing you need to worry about is check-in. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least 1 staff member per 150 guests to keep the check-in line moving. If you expect most of your guests to arrive all at once, you’ll probably need a few extra bodies at the entrance to check everyone in.

If you’re hosting an event like a concert with many different moving parts that require coordination, you may need to have a day-of event planner on hand. It’s good to have someone in charge of the day’s events, so you can focus on attending to the needs of your guests. That person can be in charge of keeping the event and all its component parts on track, while you worry about other things.

If you’re going to be serving alcohol, consider roping off designated drinking areas and hiring security guards to keep an eye on the entrances. In case things get rowdy, you want to have some back up who can help smooth over arguments or remove guests who are causing problems. Make sure you have enough staff tending bar and serving food as well; it’s always a good idea to serve plenty of food at an event where there will be alcohol.

If your event is going to be held inside, make sure the space will be large enough to accommodate your guests. If the fire safety code only allows for 150 people in the event space, don’t invite 300! Entrances and exits should be clearly marked and unobstructed throughout the duration of the event.

Need a hand getting ready for your next big event? Give us call today to learn more about how the staging lighting and special effects experts at Studio 33 can help!

Don’t Let the Audio at Your Outdoor Venue Fall Flat

Don’t Let the Audio at Your Outdoor Venue Fall FlatInstalling a sound system indoors has its challenges. But one of the advantages that audio engineers have when they’re creating an indoor system over an outdoor system is that they don’t have to think about what effect the weather will have on the sound. If a designer doesn’t account for humidity in the summer or very dry conditions in the winter, depending on when the sound system will be used, it could lead to big problems with the sound quality of a system.

And weather conditions aren’t the only thing to worry about. There are also other issues that the engineer can run into during an installation as well. If you aren’t careful, it could lead to the sound system in your outdoor venue falling flat when you need it most. Here are a few problems that can plague outdoor sound systems.

Insufficient Bass

When you install a sound system indoors, it’s pretty easy to pump up your bass levels. Your speakers and subwoofers can be positioned near solid surfaces that will cause sound reflections and increase the bass. But when you’re outdoors, you usually don’t have any structures to rely on to improve your bass. As a result, sound system designers need to get creative to keep the bass booming. They may need to tinker with the positioning of speakers or add additional subwoofers to get the desired sound.


There’s nothing worse than going to watch a concert or another live event and hearing everything echo throughout it. Echoing can be a problem for sound

engineers both indoors and outdoors, but it’s usually more problematic outside where sound can travel greater distances before bouncing back off large surfaces and causing an echo. Large surfaces can also cause sound to travel to areas where you might not want it, like directly into a nearby neighborhood, so it’s important to design a sound system to contain sound to one specific area.

Noise Disturbances

Are you installing a sound system in the middle of a neighborhood or just outside of a residential area? If so, there are probably certain rules and regulations you will need to follow with regards to how much sound you can make. And you won’t be able to simply close a door or turn down the volume like you could if you were indoors to appease your neighbors. When you have an outdoor sound system, you need to make sure it’s designed to avoid breaking any local laws.

Setting up the right sound system for your outdoor venue is important. Studio 33 Stage Productions can help you choose the right equipment and provide you with a sound engineer and sound engineer assistant if you need them. Call us at 909-783-1628 today to discover how we can help you with all of your outdoor sound system needs.

LED-ing the Way: Why LED Lighting Is the Go-To Choice for Stages

LED-ing the Way: Why LED Lighting Is the Go-To Choice for StagesStage lighting has evolved by leaps and bounds during the last few years. As LED lighting has become popular and more affordable in all walks of life, more and more manufacturers have started to produce LED stage lighting. If you are interested in renting stage lighting equipment, you should consider using LEDs. Here are just a few of the benefits of LED lighting for stage lights.

LED Lights Don’t Use Much Electricity

To keep a stage lit up properly, you will need to use quite a bit of lighting. In the past, this could be problematic because traditional stage lighting would put a huge drain on power sources and cost a lot of money to run. That isn’t the case anymore. LED lights use far less power than other types of lighting, which means you can use more of them to light from every angle without putting a strain on your power source.

LED Lighting Doesn’t Produce Much Heat

If you’ve ever stood on a stage with a full array of lights shining, you know how hot it can get! Regular lighting produces a tremendous amount of heat which can warm up the stage area or mean you need to be extremely careful while taking down or moving lighting setups. By contrast, LED lighting doesn’t get very hot when it’s turned on. This will make adjusting lighting or tearing down your set much more simple and manageable.

LEDs Are Lightweight and Extremely Portable

Moving traditional lighting sources around can be a real chore. Lighting rigs are heavy and cumbersome, and aren’t easy to move around or adjust on a whim. LED lighting is usually a lot lighter, though, which makes it simpler and easier to move it from place to place, allowing you to get the lighting where you need when you need it.

LED Lights Last Longer than Other Lights

Chances are good that you’ll never need to worry about replacing an LED light bulb in the middle of a show, concert or other event. That’s because LED lights are well-known for their long lifespan. In fact, LED lighting can function properly for tens of thousands of hours, so you won’t need to keep backup lighting around.

Are you looking to rent stage lighting for anything from a major stage production to a small backyard event? Studio 33 Stage Productions can provide you with a full range of LED lighting options, special effects and even LED light curtains. Contact us at 909-783-1628 today to learn more and get everything you need for your event.

Add Fun to a Wedding or Event with a Photo Booth

It’s no secret that our team at Studio 33 loves to have fun. We know how to make your special event fun, memorable and entertaining for your guests, too. Photo booths are one of our favorite services and a great way to do that! But why should you splurge and get a photo booth?

Photo Booth RentalQuick Results

One of the best parts about a photo booth is piling in with friends or family getting your pictures quickly. Unlike a wedding photographer, you and your guests will get your photos back in a matter of seconds. You will be able to take your cute, silly photos home with you on the same night! That way everyone in attendance has their own personal keepsakes to remember all the fun they had together at your occasion.

Age Appropriate

Another great thing about photo booths is that they are appropriate for everyone. Everyone in attendance, from toddlers and small children to grandparents and great-grandparents can all participate. There is no age limit on taking a photo and being silly, and with our photo booth, it is easy for family members of all ages to join in on the fun. Plus, who wouldn’t love taking a cute photo home with them?

No Pressure

Your guests may feel uptight around a wedding photographer. With a photo booth and added props, everyone at your event can relax and feel free to be themselves – or whoever else they want with props like fake mustaches, silly hats and oversized sunglasses. The photo booth is a fun-filled and relaxed way to have fun and capture fun memories without any pressure to look completely prim and proper like you would in formal photos.


The photos from the photo booth don’t have to just be party favors, either. You can encourage your guests to take their photos and arrange them in a guestbook for the event. It is a great way everyone being silly and having fun together at your party, reception or other event! A scrapbook captures each of those fun moments in time and provides a wonderful memento to look back at and enjoy for years to come. Our photo booth photos come in the traditional strips or in 3×5 photos, so your guests can choose what to add to the book.

Are you interested in adding a photo booth to your event? Contact Studio 33 today by calling 909-783-1628 and learn more about renting a photo booth for your upcoming occasion.

The Importance of Sound at Your Event

Sound System There are a lot of things that you will need to consider when planning a large event. Whether you are hosting a 5K fundraiser, a celebratory gala or even just a 50th birthday party for a close friend or family member, you will need to think about everything from the food you will serve to the favors you will give out at the end. But one of the most important aspects of any event is the sound system that you install for it.

Sound is critical to any event. If you don’t have a good speaker system in place, people will not be able to hear the directions that are given out or any speeches that are made. You may also not have music that’s loud enough or end up with something that sounds muddled and muddy, turning people off from your event and making them remember the negative aspects of your occasion rather than the positive moments or the reasons why you held the event in the first place.

To ensure that there are no issues with the sound at your event, you should hire a company that knows exactly how to make the most of the specific space you are using. A qualified sound system company will be able to pick out the best locations at your venue to place speakers, select speakers equipped to deliver sound to the room or outdoor area you will holding your event, and set everything up so that your fundraiser, gala or party goes off without a hitch.

When you work with Studio 33, we will also give you access to all of the equipment that you need so that every note or word that comes out of your speakers will be crisp and clearly audible to those in attendance. Even the best party planners in the world need a little assistance when it comes to sound, so you should hire professionals to make sure you are using a high quality sound system setup during your event.

Studio 33 can help you set up the right sound system for your next event. We have sound systems that are designed to fit almost any space, ranging from small venues to large stadiums, and we can help you choose a sound system that’s scaled to meet the needs of your event. We can also customize a system based on your needs and handle any concerns that you might have with regards to the sound quality at your venue. Call us at 909-783-1628 today and learn more about the sound systems that we have available for rent for your next event.