Winter Is Coming – And So Is Ice Skating!

Now that winter is on its way, that means so are fun seasonal activities such as ice skating. Obviously, the weather in California only allows for seasonal ice skating rinks, but they can be very fun while in use. So this season, if you’re looking to give your community or park a nice touch to make it feel like a winter wonderland, let Studio 33 set up a seasonal ice rink for you.

Ice Rink Installations

An ice rink may seem like a huge commitment that could turn into a big headache to maintain, but there’s no need to worry. Our team will handle everything involved with setting up and maintaining the rink for you, allowing you to attend to other matters. We will first come in and help you decide which ice rink would best fit the area you want to put it in. Then from there we will go through planning to install it make sure it is setup properly so that your guests and skaters can enjoy it for the entire amount of time you plan to use it.

Once the ice rink is installed, you won’t have to handle maintenance on your own either. Studio 33 will provide staff to oversee day-to-day operations with the rink, including fixing anything that may need to be repaired or replaced while the rink is set up.

Studio 33 has built numerous ice rinks during the past couple years in cities such as Rialto, Fontana and Temecula, giving residents and community members in those areas a great ice skating experience for the holiday season. Let us handle a rink installation for your community or event.

In addition to seasonal ice rinks, Studio 33 also provides lighting, sound and special effects for concerts and live events in Cordova and throughout California. We’re your one-stop shop for planning a fantastic event. To learn more, give us a call today at 909-783-1628!

Take the Stage at Your Fall Event

The autumn season is always a very good time of year. You have the beautiful changing of the fall leaves, the cooling temperatures, and of course, the chance to enjoy some fun and festive autumn outdoor festivals and events.

Of course, no celebration is complete without a musical band, performer or comedian taking the stage and that is where we come in. At Studio 33, we take care of all of your stage rental, setup and installation needs and we can modify our efforts to adapt to any venue large or small.

Stage Rental ServicesA sturdy stage is an excellent way to have your performers up at the perfect height for maximum entertainment potential. Whether you have a big act coming to town or are staging a small performance by local musicians, speakers or entertainers, you definitely do not want to put anything to chance, so depend on us as your staging experts.

When you get a stage from Studio 33, you are not only getting a dependable stage, but you are getting a stage from a reliable company that charges fair prices. Every stage package priced at $600 and higher comes with set-up, black skirting and a stair kit, and no extra charge for delivery. Our prices are very affordable as well, with standard rental pricing only $2.50 per square foot.

But stages aren’t all we do! We can apply many of our services to your next fall festival. If you have any lighting or special effects needs, we have great equipment to help your event be the best it can be, including wireless microphones and strobe lights that will really kick things up a notch. We also offer impressive sound systems to help make sure everyone can hear the band, speaker or other entertainment.

Every autumn, millions of Americans flock to pumpkin festivals, food festivals and street fairs around the country, and they always enjoy the entertainments that are an integral part of these fall events. Let us make sure that your event is one of the highlights of fall this year! Call us today at 909-783-1628 to learn more!

Dazzle the Crowd with Extra Special Effects!

Special EffectsSpecial effects are a nice touch to any live event and are truly a great way to make it memorable. Nowadays, it seems an event isn’t complete without some sort of special effects included. Here are some of the most popular effects used today according to Moka Lighting.

Fog Machines

This machine and its effects are most commonly used in theater performances to help set a particular ambiance during a performance. It is also used on the stage at concerts for band entrances or for slower songs. The only thing is to make sure you don’t overdo it, as too much fog can make patrons feel stuffy or obscure views entirely.

Snow Machine

The emergence of this machine has helped to make many weddings special. With snow flying through the air, it helps create the illusion that the marriage is something out of a fairytale. The effect can also be useful in a theater performance if the production has a scene set in winter.

Bubble Machine

What bubbles bring to the table is just plain old fun. Bubbles help create a nice, friendly atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Let’s be honest, who has seen a bubble before and been sad? They are perfect for weddings, too, as they can be used for the entrance of the bride and groom.

Confetti Cannon

These cannons can shoot forth tons of confetti to rain down over a crowd. They work great during a band’s encore or when a sports team wins a championship. The confetti creates an atmosphere of celebration and revelry that the crowd can enjoy.

For your next live event, if you’re looking for a way to impress the crowd, bring in some special effects from Studio 33 in Colton, California. We offer all of the above mentioned special effects devices and much more to help make your next event a great one. If you would like more information on our services and rentals, call us today at 909-783-1628!


Why Photo Booths Get Engagement And Are Proven Entertainment

Why Photo Booths Get Engagement And Are Proven EntertainmentAre you trying to plan your next event? It can be super stressful, am I right? Lighten up the atmosphere and check out some of our super fun pictures from our photo booth from last weekend.

Do you want your guests to have this much fun? We bet that you do! Come as we explain why a photo booth is just so much fun and engaging.

A wedding or an event usually has a photographer to stage all of the necessary pictures that are supposed to be fun, but they turn out cheesier than the assorted platter at the back of the hall.

A photo booth is a candid photography, plus a few props to take some unforgettable pictures.

Everyone loves photo booths, from kids to teenagers to parent and grandparents.

They are like magic, everyone gets so drawn to them and they keep talking about how much fun they were at their last work party or wedding that they went to.

The best part is that you get all of the photos that were taken by everyone at the party delivered to you! So you get to see the moments that you may have missed.

Want to skip the souvenirs for your wedding?

At our photo booth, your guests will receive their very own strip of photos to take home and keep forever. These photos do not expire, and people will love holding onto these mementos for years to come.

Get ready to strike a pose with family and friends with a photo booth at your next event. You will be able to see in person, how much fun these are!

Give Studio 33 a call at (909)783-1628 for your upcoming Sacramento, CA event. Peruse our website for the other services and locations that we conveniently serve near you.

Plan Your Summer Musical Event

Summer Musical EventLive bands are great for any event where you have an abundance of people and nothing compares with the experience of having a live band.

Musical events are a great way to get people out to enjoy live music, and promote new artists. Live music gets people up and moving, and keeps attendees of all ages from getting bored. These bands are great because they can play a variety of musical genres and project high energy for the crowd.

At a summer musical event, you can have upwards of 1000 or more people in attendance and you want an entertainment choice that suits all musical interests as well as something that is appealing to watch.

You can expect there to be plenty of dancing and music and fun at any summer musical event. The whole city and beyond is invited, and the festival is an all-day affair of talented musicians who you might not normally see.

These occasions provide a very informal, casual and fun time for people to stand around and listen to artists they love or are not familiar with.

Whether you plan on one stage or multiple stages, there must be solid musical entertainment and sound production. While bands will have their own instruments and roadies, it is important to have the right sound stage equipment to project the great music to the masses.

That is exactly what you can expect from Studio 33 Productions.

Start your planning early –summer is right around the corner – and now is the perfect time to not only set up your musical festival or event, but also secure your musical entertainment and sound stage productions.

The summer season is typically an especially busy time for production companies, and dates fill up quick.

Guarantee an open date for your event and call us today to reserve Studio 33 for your event.

Studio 33 Productions offers a complete show production experience, with trained production assistants who are passionate about the music and any promoter’s event.

We are booking for the summer months now, so give us a call at 909-783-1628 today to learn more about our availability or to reserve us for your music event.

What Goes Into Professional Sound Stage Set Up

Sound Stage Set UpWhen we go to a concert or live event, we see the lighting and speakers on the sound stage but typically we do not think too much about what goes into making it all of it come together.

The reality is there are a lot of functioning parts that go into a sound stage, that makes the event sound as good as it does.

Now say a popular band is coming to town, for that there are could be eight precision speakers and four sub speakers that will deliver the sound, just at the minimum.

These are put into place by ground supported lifts, that will make sure when the volume is too loud, they won’t shift or fall.

In addition to those speakers, there are also four sound wedges that will be placed behind screens near the stage. These all connect to an amplifier system that consists of two high-powered amplifier racks.

All of this is then controlled by a digital soundboard off of the stage.

There is also a microphone kit box and drum microphone kit that are hooked up to their respective instruments. In conjunction with those kits, there are also a lot of microphones and mic stands that need to be assembled and placed accordingly.

Anything can happen at a concert, even a dead microphone. When that happens, backups must be on the ready, off stage, so the performer can grab one and get back to the show.

Once all of this is installed, sound technicians will double check once installation is done that everything is working like it is supposed to.

Studio 33 offers sound systems, lighting, sound reinforcement and special effects for different types of professional events such as night clubs and concerts in Northern California.

No matter what the service needed, what we offer will make your event unforgettable. For more information or to hire Studio 33 for your next event, call us today at 909-783-1628!

Why Use Special Effects At Concerts

Why Use Special Effects At ConcertsMusic itself is very therapeutic, which is why we surround ourselves with it every day. Concerts play a particularly big role in a music lover’s life. It doesn’t always have to be your favorite band; you might find the rhythm, beat, and energy from the band players to be just as addicting.


Concert preparation involves very intricate steps. Once the stage is up and secure, you will need to accommodate many wires, cords, and various equipment to support the band’s instruments and provide an overall amazing sound.


Sure the music can often be enough, but if you really want to impress the guests, there are Special Effects you can add.


Misting systems: using specialty nozzles that are attached to a high pressure pump, water is dispersed through the nozzles in a mist, which provide quick relief from heat. Outdoor concerts and entertainment could definitely benefit from a misting system to keep guests cool and comfortable.


LED Lighting: LED lights are not too bright, but they have a way of illuminating a space so uniquely that they can change the overall appearance.


Confetti Cannons: who honestly doesn’t love confetti and what a better way to celebrate the beginning or ending of a show?


Strobe Lights: for high energy events and concerts, strobe lights can really get the crowd going.


Snow Machines: giving the same effect as falling snow without the cold, a snow machine is a great addition to concerts.


For these and more special effects, Studio 33 can deliver. Specializing in stage setup, lighting and other effects, we can help turn your concert into a well-rounded and completely entertaining musical event. Contact us for more information today!

Gearing Up For Summer Concert Series

Gearing Up For Summer Concert SeriesWhen the winter chill finally disappears, one of the best outdoor activities to engage in is an outdoor concert. There’s nothing like being outside in the fresh air, surrounded by other eager fans as you wait for the band to play on the big stage. Not only is the music addicting, it’s the overall atmosphere that an outdoor concert series brings.

There are two Concerts for the “In The Park” series that are worth going to: Lake Arrowhead Arts at Tavern Bay and City of Fontana Concerts In The Park.

During the summer months you can gather up a blanket, bottle of wine and snacks to accommodate you as you enjoy the music, the people and the scenery.

At Lake Arrowhead Arts at Tavern Bay, you can celebrate the local students as they perform pieces learned throughout the year. Thursday’s in July there will also be a Summer Music Festival with three bands playing iconic hits that we’ve all come to love.

The City of Fontana Concerts In The Park is a great way to ring in summer. The stage is set just perfectly for all guests to enjoy the musicians. Running from June to August, guests can enjoy free music as well as activity booths for children and food.

There is a lot of preparation involved for a concert series. You will definitely have to be prepared for unforeseen weather with a stage overhang and protection for sound systems and electrical wiring.

Aside from the safety aspect, you want your guests to get the best musical experience ever. This involves unique lighting, a superior sound system, a fog system for added effects, and an ample stage.

Having the experience to not only set up these systems in a timely manner, but to also hide cords and unsightly equipment takes skill and patience. In order to continue providing concert series and festivals, you have to provide professional stage set up services.

Studio 33 is known for professional stage set up including lighting and special effects. We have a lot of experience setting up for concerts and festivals. You can learn more about our services by contacting us.

Tis the Season for Wedding Bells

Tis the Season for Wedding BellsWedding bells are ringing, not only is it one of the most memorable nights of two individual’s lives, but the “works” that are included making it a night to always remember and never forget. Entertainment such as photo booths, LED lights, alternating colors of lights, sound effects, and special effects create an atmosphere capturing guest’s interest.

What makes each wedding unique is that every couple has a vision, their own vision. Thousands of newlyweds envision their wedding in a particular way, wanting the best for their guests while making it the most magical day.

These three simple factors that make or break a wedding include music, food, and entertainment.

Think about the last time you attended a wedding; first thought that comes to mind is music and dancing. Music allows the dance floor to be a separate area for guests to congregate and “boogie on down,” while bringing one another together. Special effect such as lighting, strobe lights, disco balls, alternating colors, create the makeup of the dance floor, as well adds a more fun, laid back environment for guests.

Second (for some it may be first) major factor that makes or breaks a wedding is what is being served for dinner. If the food is good, guests are happy and full. Dining is an experience; the entire atmosphere sets the mood for beginning the overall night.Tis the Season for Wedding Bells

Whether it is your new name lit up overlooking the head table, the sound system playing Frank Sinatra, or whimsical designs of light overlooking the ceiling and walls. All add a special touch to your day that guests will truly remember.

Last but not least, entertaining your guests during a wedding can be as simple as renting a photo booth. This has been the most popular trend at weddings, when guests are given goofy props and can act silly, and romantic. At the end of the night, brides and grooms also are able to view a customized book made with copies of each guest’s pictures.

At Studio 33, we offer a number of services from special effects, lighting, sound reinforcement, and stages that will make your fairytale wedding come true. No matter how big or small your event is we have a dedicated staff to make your day perfect. Contact Studio 33 today for pricing and details.


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Creating A Magical Prom Night

Creating A Magical Prom NightAsk any current high school student what their favorite part about high school is and we can bet that it has something to do with the prom.

Even though this magical night is not for a few years yet, it is highly anticipated. Imagine being a senior and getting to experience prom for real. The shopping, planning, choosing the right date, and patiently waiting for this day are what to look forward to.

Knowing how important the prom is to the senior class, the prom committee composed of teachers and students, work hard to impress and cater to student expectations. With so much planning ahead for the biggest night in a high school senior’s year, hiring a professional company can lessen the burden.

Besides the ambiance, the music plays a crucial role in the evening’s festivities. Today’s youth has an eclectic taste in music. Having a professional sound system installed amps up the atmosphere and gets kids on the dance floor.

Stage, Special Effects, and Photo Booths Are Key For A Successful PromCreating A Magical Prom Night

Special effects are always a success at high school dances. To add a unique touch to the prom venue, why not incorporate special effect lighting that changes color and casts interesting shadows around the room.

The photo booth phenomenon has hit the prom scene and your seniors are sure to have a great time getting into character with fun accessories. Taking silly photo booth photographs will serve as lasting memories of a truly magnificent night.

The stage is a necessary component to any prom night. The band or disc jockey will perform on stage as well as the King and Queen being crowned on this “throne”. A professional event company can assist with providing and setting up a modular stage, if one is not already in place.

All of the above can be provided by Studio 33. Our mission is to create a one of a kind atmosphere where guests and prom students can enjoy themselves to the fullest. To learn more about our services, contact Studio 33 today.


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