Planning A Mother’s Day 2015 Outdoor Event

Planning A Mothers Day 2015 Outdoor EventSunday, May 10th, mothers all over the world will be celebrated by family and friends. This day, creating an event to give moms lots of love and appreciation is the best way to spend it.

There are plenty of venues that are more than capable to handle an event where live entertainment and food is provided. Since Mother’s Day is in May, it is a great opportunity to hold an outdoor event. All moms love when they get to relax and have a great time making memories with those they love the most.

Live music that is tasteful in an outdoor setting complete with simple, yet elegant décor and delicious food makes for the perfect Mother’s Day 2015. Spring floral arrangements adoring the tables with pastel linens and little sweet treats with coffee and tea to enjoy while being entertained by a band nearby, you can just see mom smiling now.

Make Sure All The Details Are Correct

Planning an event with this much simplicity may seem easy, but it’s anything but that. A lot of work will go into making sure every detail is at its finest and that the ambiance is exactly what mom would want takes some help. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure all of the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted at the last minute.Planning A Mothers Day 2015 Outdoor Event

When you least expect it, what happens when you run into electrical problems and the band can’t play? Have you thought of what you will do for a restroom? If no formal facilities are available, you will have to revert to portable bathrooms. These are some of the instances where we can provide a solution for ahead of time.

Hiring a professional like us to make sure your set-up is as it should be and that event workers are up to date on the day’s festivities is what you will receive. Back-up generators, stage set up, LED lights, golf carts for workers and portable bathrooms are a few of the extensive services and items we provide.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your Mother’s Day 2015 event extra special.


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Hosting a Fantastic Valentine’s Day Event

Hosting a Fantastic Valentine’s Day EventValentine’s Day is that memorable time of year when relationships deepen, new love blossoms, and longtime sweethearts renew their passion for one another. Of course, often times the venue plays into these romantic notions. Can you imagine attending a lackluster event that completely rips the spirit of the holiday out of the date? If you’re hosting a Valentine’s Day event, make sure that your venue is second to none for your guests.

For example, are you hosting outdoors? If so, then consider using our professional lighting services to really make the location shine in all the right places. The proper amount of intrigue to help set the mood is a simple matter for our full event package.

Perhaps a kissing booth might help break the ice with any single’s event you’re arranging! A photo booth right next to that could also create everlasting memories.

Sound System & Entertainment

Regardless of the type of Valentine’s Day event you’re coordinating, the sound system is essential. Since all of our packages are adjustable to meet your specific needs, you never need to worry about the music, DJ, MC, or band falling flat. Aside from equipment, we can also provide a sound engineer and assistant to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you’re featuring live entertainment, then you might consider using any of our perfectly sized stages. Ranging from 2’x4’ to over 100’ wide, our stage selection can accommodate any need that may arise. Stage rentals also include set-up, one stair package, and black skirting, thus making a presentable location from which to announce or perform from.

With a special something in the air that can tend to bring out the animal in some people, and the sly shyness in others, you’re responsible for creating an atmosphere in which love can flourish. After all, that’s what your guests expect, and what will keep them coming back next year! Contact us at Studio 33 today for more details.


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Easter Outdoor Venues & Live Events

Easter Outdoor Venues & Live EventsSunday, April 5th, 2015 will be the day that everyone knows as Easter Sunday. Depending on what they day means to you, can depend on what activities you might engage in. Those of Christian faith believe it is the oldest and most important festival of the church, in which they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is a great time to get your church’s congregation together; family, friends and those who want to celebrate, all in one spot to be together on the day that Christ rose up from the grave. You can even bring several churches together from across other towns, cities, and around the state. Make a week of it or just a few days, but the general idea is to get the message across to the masses. But how can you pull the event off so that it’s high-class, and not too gaudy, giving everyone the ability to hear the mass?

Outdoor Event Solutions

You want a place where you can get the most out of your space; this could be a parking lot or a park, even a stadium. The audience might come from far and wide and you want to be able to accommodate all needs. An event of this type of magnitude, where it only happens once a year, needs to be done right.

The average Easter outdoor event will need to include:

And more! There are many moving parts to a successful live outdoor event. The idea is to get it done right and to make the people who attend, comfortable. This goes doubly on a holy day like Easter. You want to be able to put trust into the hands of a company that can help sell, rent and install all the equipment you’ll need.Easter Outdoor Venues & Live Events

Trust in the professional event planners at Studio 33. Studio 33’s success in the live entertainment industry derives from the ability to see any event from the promoter’s perspective. The philosophy is, “Anyone can bring lights and audio, WE bring professionalism and experience.” For more information on setting up your outdoor Easter event, contact the experts at Studio 33 today!


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Holiday Ice Skating Rinks For Your Community

Holiday Ice Skating Rinks For Your CommunityWhen you think winter and Christmas, the average American is reminded of snow, ice, Santa Claus, holiday gifts and looking forward to Christmas morning when they can go unwrap their gifts, while watching legendary holiday movies like National Lampoon’s Vacation or It’s a Wonderful Life. For most residents living in particular parts of California, the snow and ice is not something you see in the winter months or even get to experience during the holiday unless you get a chance to travel.

For those lucky few who live in the Folsom, CA area, they are lucky enough to be treated to a winter and holiday adventure.

Folsom Ice Rink Creation

In the Folsom Historic District, organizers wanted to bring a holiday tradition to community, something that residents of all ages could have fun with. An ice skating rink gives skaters hours of entertainment and allows them to experience the holiday atmosphere.

To create the ice skating rink and all the trimmings that go along with a seasonal ice rink, the organizers of Folsom reached out to Studio 33 to build and fashion the perfect holiday ice rink. Not only does Studio 33 install and operate all the ice rinks that are made, but also includes but not limited to staffing the rink and overseeing the day-to-day management.

Other solutions or services that Studio 33 offers for an ice rink are lighting, stages and sound systems. In the sound system installed at this year’s Folsom Ice Rink, Studio 33 created and fabricated metal shells that are made to look like nutcracker. This was done to solve the audio inadequacies as the original speakers were too far away to engage the holiday atmosphere.Holiday Ice Skating Rinks For Your Community

In past years Studio 33 has worked with local cities such as Rialto, Fontana and Temecula to produce seasonal and holiday ice rinks for their communities to enjoy. So if you’re looking to bring your community together with a holiday ice rink, made of real ice, with turnkey management and installation, this can all be handled by the professional staff at Studio 33.

For more information on getting a seasonal ice rink or any of the many great services that Studio 33 offers, contact the experts at Studio 33 today!


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Special Effects You Don’t Want to Miss for the Fall

fall events

There are so many things that would make an event even better when it comes to the fall. With Halloween, dances, and other fun events around the corner, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the things that we can offer you!


No matter the age, group, or event, one thing you can count on the need for special effects at dances.

  • One thing to have at your dance that will certainly be a crowd pleaser is strobe lights. These flashing lights are sure to bring a smile to the dancers’ face, so don’t forget this essential!
  • Also, make sure to include black lights in your display. Although black lights are a simple measure, it is a touch that brings entertainment to everyone involved!
  • A simple measure that could make your event even better would be lavaliere microphones, which are also known as lapel microphones. These are extremely compact and are comfortable for the speaker to wear, without having to worry about holding on to a microphone.


October 31st is a day where people act a bit more mischievous than usual and dress up in their favorite costumes in order to celebrate. This is a great time to ramp up your fun events and really pull out all the stops!

  • How often can you say that you have seen a raincloud indoors? Now is your chance, because it is one of the many things that you can expect to find with Studio 33. Dazzle your guests with this special effect that is sure to wow everyone.
  • And of course, one thing to never go without on Halloween is a fog machine. This will help set the spooky mood and give your guests something really fun to remember this Halloween.

For a more complete list of everything that you could get with Studio 33, check out our Special Effects page.

Shade Tops and Misting Systems for your Event

Misting Sytems

Outdoor concerts and events tend to be associated with lots of energy and fun. However, in this hot weather, there is an immediate need to cool things down. Having the sun beat down on you for hours can affect not only the performers, but also those in the audience.

Shade Tops and Misting Systems are two things that can help make spending time outdoors more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Shade Tops:

Shade Tops are fairly easy to put up and install, and are a great way to protect people from the blazing sun. The risk of a serious condition like a heat stroke is very real, even if you are only sitting still.

Not to mention, being able to sit in a shaded area will make it easier for the audience to enjoy the event and the time spent. With the different styles and sizes available, there is something for every person and every event.

Misting Systems:

The misting system we use is a high pressure anti-drip misting system. This means that very fine misting droplets are evaporated by the hot air, which causes the air to immediately go down in temperature.

Having a misting system at your event can make the experience that much more pleasurable for everyone involved.

It is extremely important to keep in mind the comfort and the safety of your audience when it comes to any outdoor event. Invest in shade tops and misting systems in order to keep your customers wanting to come back!

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Why Rent a Stage for Your Next Event?

Stage RentalAnyone who is organizing an important event will naturally want to make it as exciting and memorable as possible. Whenever entertainment is on the agenda, organizers need to decide where the performers will go. Often, they will ask themselves whether or not they need a stage. However, the question they should be asking is: How can a professional quality stage improve and lend credibility to your event?

A well-designed stage will bring your event entertainment to the next level, both literally and figuratively.  Playing on a raised stage is inspiring and rewarding for performers, whose talents will be on display more effectively. While simply reserving a spot to the side of the crowd might suffice for background dinner music, a stage will draw attention, keeping your event focused on what matters most, and allowing you to deliver an effective message, whatever that may be.

It usually won’t break to bank to enhance your event with a custom stage. You won’t need a 20 foot stage for a solo performer. Our stages can be built as small or large as you’d like. They are priced based on square foot to make sure that you need only to spend as much as you need. Depending on your overall budget, a stage that fits your entertainment can be a cost-effective way of greatly improving its appeal.

Even when it becomes clear that a stage is worth the cash, many event organizers become discouraged in finding the perfect space for it. What if an event is held on uneven terrain? At Studio 33, we have the skill and technique to adapt our stages to all sorts of situations. We’ve constructed stages on uneven golf courses, and even over swimming pools. Once again, the stage increases the effectiveness of a performance by providing a solid platform to stand on.

If you’re planning an event in California, consider renting a stage to bring it to the next level and increase focus on other elements you’ve invested in. Trust Studio 33 for an expertly-constructed, clean looking stage that your guests and performers alike will enjoy.


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Should I Rent a Photo Booth for My California Event?

Why Rent A PhotoboothHave you ever been to a boring party or event? We all have, but no one wants things to turn out that way when they’re the host. People stand around awkwardly, drinks in hand, not sure what to talk about with people they don’t know very well. However, there is something that can change the atmosphere for the better…

In Sacramento and other cities around the country, one of the most popular items at parties is the photo booth.

Why does renting a photo booth make for a better party? Well, it gives party guests something fun to do with their time. It gives them a chance to chat with people they don’t know, and to clown around, playing with provided props. Add to that, they get a souvenir—a printed photo—to remember the good time they had at the party!

Today’s photo booths are a great addition to events because they engage the users and entertain them.

Want to choose whether the picture is in color or a more artistic black-and-white style? You can do it. Want to customize the print borders to make the picture framed in a cool way? No problem. Pictures print fast, and you can choose from different sizes. Add to that, the pictures from the event get uploaded to a private gallery online so people can see them all after the party ends.

Studio 33 of Southern California rents enclosed or open-air photo booths complete with a friendly host who ensures things run smoothly. In addition, Studio 33 provides craft scissors, artist pens and glue sticks for on-site scrapbooking.

Whether you’re formally celebrating a wedding or wildly partying for a big birthday, rent a photo booth. It’s a surefire way for your guests to remember the event in the best light possible.


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Ice Rink Rentals Are A Great Way to Promote Fitness

Healthy Benefits of Ice SkatingThese days, it seems that everyone is struggling to stay fit. Sometimes, boring and repetitive trips to the gym just won’t do the trick. Many people are realizing that in order to keep exercise interesting enough to stick with, they need to find activities that are enjoyable. For communities and organizations that want to promote a healthy lifestyle, ice skating rinks are a great fit. At Studio 33, in Colton, California, we’re finding that many of our customers rent our turnkey seasonal ice rinks to provide a fun way to stay active during the colder months of the year.


There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that ice skating provides a solid workout for those who participate. Anyone who has learned to ice skate in the past can tell you how much coordination and balance it takes to stay on your feet, especially at first. With practice, ice skaters build up all those small muscles in the legs, hips, and thighs that work to keep them from falling down.


Also, ice skating provides an aerobic workout that doesn’t put as much pressure on your joints and bones as other forms of exercise, like jogging. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely skate with friends or doing laps by yourself, you’ll be burning some calories while getting your heart pumping.


Those of our customers who rent ice rinks from us in California find that ice skating is more than just an enjoyable pastime. It’s also a fun, healthy activity that the whole family can enjoy. Your guests will feel good about being active, which will keep them satisfied and coming back for more. Work with Studio 33 to rent an ice rink that is sure to be a hit. In fact, check out the Folsom Ice Rink for a great example of one of our beautiful designs.


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What Can Professional Stage Lighting Do For A Play?

As blockbuster movies take up more and more of our time and attention, the classic theater play stubbornly hangs around. There’s something about live stage acting that can’t be replaced by the big screen. However, great directors understand the importance of professional quality lighting for their stage productions. Good equipment and solid lighting technique can help theater productions to stay relevant, and even ahead, of our effects-obsessed entertainment culture.

Stage lighting can be used to control the focus of the audience where simple camera tricks can’t be employed. Imagine a character in a play, feeling lonely and isolated, beginning to sing a melancholy song at the far end of the stage. A spotlight can help to draw the audience gently towards him. Or maybe a thief is sneaking up behind an oblivious cast, while a light is used to make the audience fully aware of his presence.

Similarly, different qualities and colors of light can be used to affect the mood of any stage production. It’s easy to forget the extent to which different colors are associated with complex feelings and emotions. A stage dimly shrouded in blue-tinted hues provides a much different mood than one illuminated by bright yellow light.

Stage productions are also limited in the quantity and types of props that can be added to any given scene. Professional lighting is a great way to emulate things like snowflakes falling from the sky or the shadows of a dark forest when you are limited by space, time, and budget. Lighting effects are more vivid and realistic than ever before, and can greatly contribute to the “wow” factor of a stage production.

Lighting that is expertly planned and handled by highly skilled professionals can affect an audience in ways that they don’t even realize. For example, lights can produce and enhance illusions of depth that stretch the capabilities of a limited stage. What is important is not how the stage is set up, but how it appears to be set up from the vantage point of the audience.

Of course, these effects aren’t limited to traditional stage plays. They can be used to enhance anything from a musical performance to an elegant ballroom event. To see how lighting can improve the aesthetics of whatever important occasion you have planned, visit Studio 33 Stage Lighting and Special Effects.


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