Add Fun to a Wedding or Event with a Photo Booth

It’s no secret that our team at Studio 33 loves to have fun. We know how to make your special event fun, memorable and entertaining for your guests, too. Photo booths are one of our favorite services and a great way to do that! But why should you splurge and get a photo booth?

Photo Booth RentalQuick Results

One of the best parts about a photo booth is piling in with friends or family getting your pictures quickly. Unlike a wedding photographer, you and your guests will get your photos back in a matter of seconds. You will be able to take your cute, silly photos home with you on the same night! That way everyone in attendance has their own personal keepsakes to remember all the fun they had together at your occasion.

Age Appropriate

Another great thing about photo booths is that they are appropriate for everyone. Everyone in attendance, from toddlers and small children to grandparents and great-grandparents can all participate. There is no age limit on taking a photo and being silly, and with our photo booth, it is easy for family members of all ages to join in on the fun. Plus, who wouldn’t love taking a cute photo home with them?

No Pressure

Your guests may feel uptight around a wedding photographer. With a photo booth and added props, everyone at your event can relax and feel free to be themselves – or whoever else they want with props like fake mustaches, silly hats and oversized sunglasses. The photo booth is a fun-filled and relaxed way to have fun and capture fun memories without any pressure to look completely prim and proper like you would in formal photos.


The photos from the photo booth don’t have to just be party favors, either. You can encourage your guests to take their photos and arrange them in a guestbook for the event. It is a great way everyone being silly and having fun together at your party, reception or other event! A scrapbook captures each of those fun moments in time and provides a wonderful memento to look back at and enjoy for years to come. Our photo booth photos come in the traditional strips or in 3×5 photos, so your guests can choose what to add to the book.

Are you interested in adding a photo booth to your event? Contact Studio 33 today by calling 909-783-1628 and learn more about renting a photo booth for your upcoming occasion.

Why Photo Booths Get Engagement And Are Proven Entertainment

Why Photo Booths Get Engagement And Are Proven EntertainmentAre you trying to plan your next event? It can be super stressful, am I right? Lighten up the atmosphere and check out some of our super fun pictures from our photo booth from last weekend.

Do you want your guests to have this much fun? We bet that you do! Come as we explain why a photo booth is just so much fun and engaging.

A wedding or an event usually has a photographer to stage all of the necessary pictures that are supposed to be fun, but they turn out cheesier than the assorted platter at the back of the hall.

A photo booth is a candid photography, plus a few props to take some unforgettable pictures.

Everyone loves photo booths, from kids to teenagers to parent and grandparents.

They are like magic, everyone gets so drawn to them and they keep talking about how much fun they were at their last work party or wedding that they went to.

The best part is that you get all of the photos that were taken by everyone at the party delivered to you! So you get to see the moments that you may have missed.

Want to skip the souvenirs for your wedding?

At our photo booth, your guests will receive their very own strip of photos to take home and keep forever. These photos do not expire, and people will love holding onto these mementos for years to come.

Get ready to strike a pose with family and friends with a photo booth at your next event. You will be able to see in person, how much fun these are!

Give Studio 33 a call at (909)783-1628 for your upcoming Sacramento, CA event. Peruse our website for the other services and locations that we conveniently serve near you.

Why Rent a Stage for Your Next Event?

Stage RentalAnyone who is organizing an important event will naturally want to make it as exciting and memorable as possible. Whenever entertainment is on the agenda, organizers need to decide where the performers will go. Often, they will ask themselves whether or not they need a stage. However, the question they should be asking is: How can a professional quality stage improve and lend credibility to your event?

A well-designed stage will bring your event entertainment to the next level, both literally and figuratively.  Playing on a raised stage is inspiring and rewarding for performers, whose talents will be on display more effectively. While simply reserving a spot to the side of the crowd might suffice for background dinner music, a stage will draw attention, keeping your event focused on what matters most, and allowing you to deliver an effective message, whatever that may be.

It usually won’t break to bank to enhance your event with a custom stage. You won’t need a 20 foot stage for a solo performer. Our stages can be built as small or large as you’d like. They are priced based on square foot to make sure that you need only to spend as much as you need. Depending on your overall budget, a stage that fits your entertainment can be a cost-effective way of greatly improving its appeal.

Even when it becomes clear that a stage is worth the cash, many event organizers become discouraged in finding the perfect space for it. What if an event is held on uneven terrain? At Studio 33, we have the skill and technique to adapt our stages to all sorts of situations. We’ve constructed stages on uneven golf courses, and even over swimming pools. Once again, the stage increases the effectiveness of a performance by providing a solid platform to stand on.

If you’re planning an event in California, consider renting a stage to bring it to the next level and increase focus on other elements you’ve invested in. Trust Studio 33 for an expertly-constructed, clean looking stage that your guests and performers alike will enjoy.


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Should I Rent a Photo Booth for My California Event?

Why Rent A PhotoboothHave you ever been to a boring party or event? We all have, but no one wants things to turn out that way when they’re the host. People stand around awkwardly, drinks in hand, not sure what to talk about with people they don’t know very well. However, there is something that can change the atmosphere for the better…

In Sacramento and other cities around the country, one of the most popular items at parties is the photo booth.

Why does renting a photo booth make for a better party? Well, it gives party guests something fun to do with their time. It gives them a chance to chat with people they don’t know, and to clown around, playing with provided props. Add to that, they get a souvenir—a printed photo—to remember the good time they had at the party!

Today’s photo booths are a great addition to events because they engage the users and entertain them.

Want to choose whether the picture is in color or a more artistic black-and-white style? You can do it. Want to customize the print borders to make the picture framed in a cool way? No problem. Pictures print fast, and you can choose from different sizes. Add to that, the pictures from the event get uploaded to a private gallery online so people can see them all after the party ends.

Studio 33 of Southern California rents enclosed or open-air photo booths complete with a friendly host who ensures things run smoothly. In addition, Studio 33 provides craft scissors, artist pens and glue sticks for on-site scrapbooking.

Whether you’re formally celebrating a wedding or wildly partying for a big birthday, rent a photo booth. It’s a surefire way for your guests to remember the event in the best light possible.


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