Crowd Control Tips for Your Next Big Event

Crowd Control Tips for Your Next Big EventThrowing a big event like a concert, charity auction or birthday bash this summer? Hosting an event for so many people is no joke, and there’s plenty to plan for. One thing you may not have considered is crowd control. Today we’ll look at a few ways you can keep the crowd in check so that everyone in attendance can stay safe and enjoy the day.

The first thing you need to worry about is check-in. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least 1 staff member per 150 guests to keep the check-in line moving. If you expect most of your guests to arrive all at once, you’ll probably need a few extra bodies at the entrance to check everyone in.

If you’re hosting an event like a concert with many different moving parts that require coordination, you may need to have a day-of event planner on hand. It’s good to have someone in charge of the day’s events, so you can focus on attending to the needs of your guests. That person can be in charge of keeping the event and all its component parts on track, while you worry about other things.

If you’re going to be serving alcohol, consider roping off designated drinking areas and hiring security guards to keep an eye on the entrances. In case things get rowdy, you want to have some back up who can help smooth over arguments or remove guests who are causing problems. Make sure you have enough staff tending bar and serving food as well; it’s always a good idea to serve plenty of food at an event where there will be alcohol.

If your event is going to be held inside, make sure the space will be large enough to accommodate your guests. If the fire safety code only allows for 150 people in the event space, don’t invite 300! Entrances and exits should be clearly marked and unobstructed throughout the duration of the event.

Need a hand getting ready for your next big event? Give us call today to learn more about how the staging lighting and special effects experts at Studio 33 can help!

Dazzle the Crowd with Extra Special Effects!

Special EffectsSpecial effects are a nice touch to any live event and are truly a great way to make it memorable. Nowadays, it seems an event isn’t complete without some sort of special effects included. Here are some of the most popular effects used today according to Moka Lighting.

Fog Machines

This machine and its effects are most commonly used in theater performances to help set a particular ambiance during a performance. It is also used on the stage at concerts for band entrances or for slower songs. The only thing is to make sure you don’t overdo it, as too much fog can make patrons feel stuffy or obscure views entirely.

Snow Machine

The emergence of this machine has helped to make many weddings special. With snow flying through the air, it helps create the illusion that the marriage is something out of a fairytale. The effect can also be useful in a theater performance if the production has a scene set in winter.

Bubble Machine

What bubbles bring to the table is just plain old fun. Bubbles help create a nice, friendly atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Let’s be honest, who has seen a bubble before and been sad? They are perfect for weddings, too, as they can be used for the entrance of the bride and groom.

Confetti Cannon

These cannons can shoot forth tons of confetti to rain down over a crowd. They work great during a band’s encore or when a sports team wins a championship. The confetti creates an atmosphere of celebration and revelry that the crowd can enjoy.

For your next live event, if you’re looking for a way to impress the crowd, bring in some special effects from Studio 33 in Colton, California. We offer all of the above mentioned special effects devices and much more to help make your next event a great one. If you would like more information on our services and rentals, call us today at 909-783-1628!


Why Use Special Effects At Concerts

Why Use Special Effects At ConcertsMusic itself is very therapeutic, which is why we surround ourselves with it every day. Concerts play a particularly big role in a music lover’s life. It doesn’t always have to be your favorite band; you might find the rhythm, beat, and energy from the band players to be just as addicting.


Concert preparation involves very intricate steps. Once the stage is up and secure, you will need to accommodate many wires, cords, and various equipment to support the band’s instruments and provide an overall amazing sound.


Sure the music can often be enough, but if you really want to impress the guests, there are Special Effects you can add.


Misting systems: using specialty nozzles that are attached to a high pressure pump, water is dispersed through the nozzles in a mist, which provide quick relief from heat. Outdoor concerts and entertainment could definitely benefit from a misting system to keep guests cool and comfortable.


LED Lighting: LED lights are not too bright, but they have a way of illuminating a space so uniquely that they can change the overall appearance.


Confetti Cannons: who honestly doesn’t love confetti and what a better way to celebrate the beginning or ending of a show?


Strobe Lights: for high energy events and concerts, strobe lights can really get the crowd going.


Snow Machines: giving the same effect as falling snow without the cold, a snow machine is a great addition to concerts.


For these and more special effects, Studio 33 can deliver. Specializing in stage setup, lighting and other effects, we can help turn your concert into a well-rounded and completely entertaining musical event. Contact us for more information today!

Tis the Season for Wedding Bells

Tis the Season for Wedding BellsWedding bells are ringing, not only is it one of the most memorable nights of two individual’s lives, but the “works” that are included making it a night to always remember and never forget. Entertainment such as photo booths, LED lights, alternating colors of lights, sound effects, and special effects create an atmosphere capturing guest’s interest.

What makes each wedding unique is that every couple has a vision, their own vision. Thousands of newlyweds envision their wedding in a particular way, wanting the best for their guests while making it the most magical day.

These three simple factors that make or break a wedding include music, food, and entertainment.

Think about the last time you attended a wedding; first thought that comes to mind is music and dancing. Music allows the dance floor to be a separate area for guests to congregate and “boogie on down,” while bringing one another together. Special effect such as lighting, strobe lights, disco balls, alternating colors, create the makeup of the dance floor, as well adds a more fun, laid back environment for guests.

Second (for some it may be first) major factor that makes or breaks a wedding is what is being served for dinner. If the food is good, guests are happy and full. Dining is an experience; the entire atmosphere sets the mood for beginning the overall night.Tis the Season for Wedding Bells

Whether it is your new name lit up overlooking the head table, the sound system playing Frank Sinatra, or whimsical designs of light overlooking the ceiling and walls. All add a special touch to your day that guests will truly remember.

Last but not least, entertaining your guests during a wedding can be as simple as renting a photo booth. This has been the most popular trend at weddings, when guests are given goofy props and can act silly, and romantic. At the end of the night, brides and grooms also are able to view a customized book made with copies of each guest’s pictures.

At Studio 33, we offer a number of services from special effects, lighting, sound reinforcement, and stages that will make your fairytale wedding come true. No matter how big or small your event is we have a dedicated staff to make your day perfect. Contact Studio 33 today for pricing and details.


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Special Effects You Don’t Want to Miss for the Fall

fall events

There are so many things that would make an event even better when it comes to the fall. With Halloween, dances, and other fun events around the corner, you definitely don’t want to miss out on the things that we can offer you!


No matter the age, group, or event, one thing you can count on the need for special effects at dances.

  • One thing to have at your dance that will certainly be a crowd pleaser is strobe lights. These flashing lights are sure to bring a smile to the dancers’ face, so don’t forget this essential!
  • Also, make sure to include black lights in your display. Although black lights are a simple measure, it is a touch that brings entertainment to everyone involved!
  • A simple measure that could make your event even better would be lavaliere microphones, which are also known as lapel microphones. These are extremely compact and are comfortable for the speaker to wear, without having to worry about holding on to a microphone.


October 31st is a day where people act a bit more mischievous than usual and dress up in their favorite costumes in order to celebrate. This is a great time to ramp up your fun events and really pull out all the stops!

  • How often can you say that you have seen a raincloud indoors? Now is your chance, because it is one of the many things that you can expect to find with Studio 33. Dazzle your guests with this special effect that is sure to wow everyone.
  • And of course, one thing to never go without on Halloween is a fog machine. This will help set the spooky mood and give your guests something really fun to remember this Halloween.

For a more complete list of everything that you could get with Studio 33, check out our Special Effects page.