Providing For Your Private Business Party

private business partyThe words “corporate party” may not seem like anyone’s idea of a great time. The thought of spending more time around the people you work with could sound boring, stressful or even worse. If you’re planning a business event for your employees or coworkers, there are many ways you can spice up an evening with special effects to make business look a lot more like fun.

What do you think of when you think of a business party? Probably a lot of drab boardrooms, some paper decorations hanging on the wall and a few baked goods with coffee, if you’re lucky. Do a little more homework, though, and you’ll see that you have plenty of options to make a corporate get-together feel like a major social event.

Music can make any gathering perk up and get moving, shaking everyone out of their workday doldrums. If you want a disk jockey to spin tracks for your business party, a DJ rig can help set you up with the equipment you need to turn up the volume on rock, pop, blues or whatever style of music will make your guests enjoy themselves.

Lighting is another way to take any simple announcement party or business gathering into a totally new direction. It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when a disco ball is hanging in the middle of the room, throwing colored drops of light against the wall at all angles. Strobe lights, black lights, programmable moving light displays and various other lighting applications can be easily set up in a space, turning any office space into a downtown nightclub scene.

With Studio 33, there’s almost no end to the various setups we can provide for your private business party. We can provide many pieces of equipment, like snow machines or confetti cannons, which can fire up the imaginations of any event attendee. For a more mysterious setting, such as for an announcement, we can bring ground fog and smoke machines that will create a cloud of vapor which can truly change the atmosphere.

Studio 33 would love to help you jazz up your next corporate event. If your company event is in Southern California or Inland Empire, give us a call and you’ll see just how many options you have for crafting a great party for your colleagues!


*Image courtesy of Dmitriy Shironosov

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Are You Ready For Holiday Stage Productions and Lighting Installations?

Of summer, Shakespeare writes, “And summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” It’s already September. Can you believe that?

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…

Just hearing those words can send a bolt of apprehension spiraling through your body. Oh no! The gift buying, the gatherings, the parties, the stress. For some, it’s their least favorite time of the year. Really, who can blame them? What about summer? Regardless of your feelings, now’s the time to start planning for your holiday stage productions and lighting installations. But first – let’s talk about summer.

Studio 33 summer recap: a season of portable stages

For many communities across the country, summer is the time for concert series that highlights local talent, from musicians to dancing and everything in between. Studio 33 is proud to provide the proper setting for such entertainment, with its high-quality portable staging equipment.

A portable stage can be set up in any type of space, easily and efficiently. When you rely on Studio 33 for your staging needs, we can offer you a wide variety of options. From small stages for single performers to expansive platforms for large groups, we can build stages of any size.

We have almost no limits in regards to the location of your venue. For example, we can build your stage in a flat field or a on a hill. We also have no limits when it comes to height. Are you interested in a stage that comes only a few feet off the ground, or maybe one that extends high into the sky? So far this summer, we have set up a variety of different stages.

We understand that every event is different, which is why we try to give our customers as many choices as possible. There are even several customizations available, including wheel chair ramps and roofs. Although most of our stages are done or already booked, we will still answer any questions regarding stages for events, so get in touch with the team!

Heading into fall and winter

California portable stagesAs we head into fall and winter, one thing usually comes to mind: parties…holiday parties. Whether it’s a Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Eve party, Studio 33 has all of your entertainment needs covered, especially when it comes to dance and music.

What’s a party without music and dancing? What’s a party without a DJ? Thankfully, you can rent DJ equipment from Studio 33 and, in particular, a DJ system with CD player, mixer, one microphone, two powered FBT 2A-speakers on tripod stands, with cables. You can rent all of this for just $150! If you’re more ambitious than that, additional sound equipment is available as well, not to mention dance floors. Such rentals will take any party to that next level!

You may have music already covered for your autumnal gatherings. If that’s the case, we have other rentals that will improve a party, such as a fog machine, perfect for that creepy Halloween party. At Studio 33, we believe that every party or event should possess an aesthetic flair, creating a memorable atmosphere. It’s all about building the mood.

Music and dancing: check. Mood: check. What other piece of equipment should the party thrower rent? Well…you can’t go wrong with a photo booth. It’s perfect for that Halloween party (or any party, for that matter). What better way to remember a ghoulish night than to hop in a photo booth with some friends? With so many packages to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding the right one for your party.

Having a successful event or party depends on many factors, but one thing is certain: with Studio 33’s help, your fall and winter parties will be out of this world! If you are in the California or the Western United States area, contact us today!


*Image courtesy of Sarunyu Glanjit

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At Studio 33, It Will be a Summer of LEDs

California LEDsLED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are changing the way people celebrate. At Studio 33, we have hundreds of them, and installed thousands.

According to the G4 Report, LED lights are being used to illuminate everything you can think of, from Baptist Churches to outdoor musical festivals.  LEDs are the most sustainable lights on the market, possessing a longer burn and life (up to 50,000 hours, maybe more) than your typical incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, not to mention that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs waste energy by spreading light in all directions and giving off heat.

For places like a small Church, wasting energy is very costly, and is a big drain on the budget, taking money away from other areas, like helping the community. By embracing LEDs, Churches are able to save money and work the air conditioning less, not to mention strengthening the aesthetic and visceral experience of attending a service. LEDs are more vivid in color than traditional lighting and are simply more enjoyable to look at.

Festivals are also hopping aboard the LED train, as the lights take the festival experience to the next level, pleasing attendees, but also saving on energy and money. It is really a win-win situation. Whether it is a concert tour, nightclub, theater presentation or tradeshow, LEDs add a much-needed sustainable flare to any event.

Studio 33 used 48 wash LEDs and 6 Moving LEDs on an outdoor concert series with national artists. The lighting combined with the efficient sound system used 22 amps at the peak power consumption. Studio 33 uses 48 outdoor rated LEDs at the Folsom outdoor ice rink for a unique night club type experience.

We provide the customer with a full event LED package, including LED curtains and much more. What this means is that we are there from beginning to end, helping with the setup as well as teardown, and anything else you might need. Our professional crews and designers are at your disposal. We will make sure your “event” utilizes size and efficiency, has lower temperatures and, most importantly, a long life!

If you are in the California or the Western United States area, and interested in light-emitting diodes lighting up YOUR life, please contact us! Remember, as Robert Alden puts it, “There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.”



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Gaff Tape Specials

Gaff Tape- 2″ x 60 yards ( Black, Gray, White, Red, Navy Blue, Primary Blue, Brown)

  • Purchase by the case (24 rolls of same color) $17.90 per roll
  • Purchase by the 6 pack (of same color) $18.55 per roll
  • Purchase by the 4 pack (of same color) $ 19.95 per roll

Gaff Tape – 2″ x 60 yards (Neon colors: Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange)

  • Purchase by the case (24 rolls of same color) $24.85 per roll
  • Purchase by the 6 pack (of same color) $25.37 per roll
  • Purchase by the 4 pack (of same color) $ 26.37 per roll