Do we rent spot lights?

Yes we most certainly do. We have a variety of spot light options for rent and for sale. 

What sizes do our rental stages come in?

Our rental stages come in a variety of sizes that are constructed in 4’x4′  or 2’x2′ increments. We use BillJax stage decks, and can build stages any shape and height to meet your needs. 

Do we rent generators?

Yes we do. Sizes vary based on the amount of power required for individual sites. We are more than happy to help you determine what size generator you need.

Do we rent projector screens?

Absolutely, we have a variety of sizes starting at 6’x6′ screens. Front or rear projection available. We also have projectors.

Do we do on site repairs ?

Yes, we will come out to your site and inspect clean and repair sound, stage, lighting, and special effects equipment as well as audio visual equipment. In addition to onsite service calls, we have a full test bench hear at our shop where you can bring equipment to be repaired. We can order replacement parts and lamps as needed.

Do we have DJ’s ?

Yes, we have DJ’s as well as all the necessary DJ equipment. If you are in need of both or either one we can provide you with what is needed.

Do we have rental curtains/ back drops?

Absolutely, we have a large inventory of pipe and drape, back drops and other soft goods.

Full size back drops, Lycra panels and LED Curtains are always available.


Do we rent by the day or by the week?

We can do either one, our main goal is meeting each individual customer needs and each customer is always different so we remain flexible to better suit those differences.