Ice Rink Rentals Are A Great Way to Promote Fitness

Healthy Benefits of Ice SkatingThese days, it seems that everyone is struggling to stay fit. Sometimes, boring and repetitive trips to the gym just won’t do the trick. Many people are realizing that in order to keep exercise interesting enough to stick with, they need to find activities that are enjoyable. For communities and organizations that want to promote a healthy lifestyle, ice skating rinks are a great fit. At Studio 33, in Colton, California, we’re finding that many of our customers rent our turnkey seasonal ice rinks to provide a fun way to stay active during the colder months of the year.


There’s plenty of evidence to suggest that ice skating provides a solid workout for those who participate. Anyone who has learned to ice skate in the past can tell you how much coordination and balance it takes to stay on your feet, especially at first. With practice, ice skaters build up all those small muscles in the legs, hips, and thighs that work to keep them from falling down.


Also, ice skating provides an aerobic workout that doesn’t put as much pressure on your joints and bones as other forms of exercise, like jogging. Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely skate with friends or doing laps by yourself, you’ll be burning some calories while getting your heart pumping.


Those of our customers who rent ice rinks from us in California find that ice skating is more than just an enjoyable pastime. It’s also a fun, healthy activity that the whole family can enjoy. Your guests will feel good about being active, which will keep them satisfied and coming back for more. Work with Studio 33 to rent an ice rink that is sure to be a hit. In fact, check out the Folsom Ice Rink for a great example of one of our beautiful designs.


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Written by admin-studio33