Don’t Let the Audio at Your Outdoor Venue Fall Flat

Don’t Let the Audio at Your Outdoor Venue Fall FlatInstalling a sound system indoors has its challenges. But one of the advantages that audio engineers have when they’re creating an indoor system over an outdoor system is that they don’t have to think about what effect the weather will have on the sound. If a designer doesn’t account for humidity in the summer or very dry conditions in the winter, depending on when the sound system will be used, it could lead to big problems with the sound quality of a system.

And weather conditions aren’t the only thing to worry about. There are also other issues that the engineer can run into during an installation as well. If you aren’t careful, it could lead to the sound system in your outdoor venue falling flat when you need it most. Here are a few problems that can plague outdoor sound systems.

Insufficient Bass

When you install a sound system indoors, it’s pretty easy to pump up your bass levels. Your speakers and subwoofers can be positioned near solid surfaces that will cause sound reflections and increase the bass. But when you’re outdoors, you usually don’t have any structures to rely on to improve your bass. As a result, sound system designers need to get creative to keep the bass booming. They may need to tinker with the positioning of speakers or add additional subwoofers to get the desired sound.


There’s nothing worse than going to watch a concert or another live event and hearing everything echo throughout it. Echoing can be a problem for sound

engineers both indoors and outdoors, but it’s usually more problematic outside where sound can travel greater distances before bouncing back off large surfaces and causing an echo. Large surfaces can also cause sound to travel to areas where you might not want it, like directly into a nearby neighborhood, so it’s important to design a sound system to contain sound to one specific area.

Noise Disturbances

Are you installing a sound system in the middle of a neighborhood or just outside of a residential area? If so, there are probably certain rules and regulations you will need to follow with regards to how much sound you can make. And you won’t be able to simply close a door or turn down the volume like you could if you were indoors to appease your neighbors. When you have an outdoor sound system, you need to make sure it’s designed to avoid breaking any local laws.

Setting up the right sound system for your outdoor venue is important. Studio 33 Stage Productions can help you choose the right equipment and provide you with a sound engineer and sound engineer assistant if you need them. Call us at 909-783-1628 today to discover how we can help you with all of your outdoor sound system needs.