Holiday Ice Skating Rinks For Your Community

Holiday Ice Skating Rinks For Your CommunityWhen you think winter and Christmas, the average American is reminded of snow, ice, Santa Claus, holiday gifts and looking forward to Christmas morning when they can go unwrap their gifts, while watching legendary holiday movies like National Lampoon’s Vacation or It’s a Wonderful Life. For most residents living in particular parts of California, the snow and ice is not something you see in the winter months or even get to experience during the holiday unless you get a chance to travel.

For those lucky few who live in the Folsom, CA area, they are lucky enough to be treated to a winter and holiday adventure.

Folsom Ice Rink Creation

In the Folsom Historic District, organizers wanted to bring a holiday tradition to community, something that residents of all ages could have fun with. An ice skating rink gives skaters hours of entertainment and allows them to experience the holiday atmosphere.

To create the ice skating rink and all the trimmings that go along with a seasonal ice rink, the organizers of Folsom reached out to Studio 33 to build and fashion the perfect holiday ice rink. Not only does Studio 33 install and operate all the ice rinks that are made, but also includes but not limited to staffing the rink and overseeing the day-to-day management.

Other solutions or services that Studio 33 offers for an ice rink are lighting, stages and sound systems. In the sound system installed at this year’s Folsom Ice Rink, Studio 33 created and fabricated metal shells that are made to look like nutcracker. This was done to solve the audio inadequacies as the original speakers were too far away to engage the holiday atmosphere.Holiday Ice Skating Rinks For Your Community

In past years Studio 33 has worked with local cities such as Rialto, Fontana and Temecula to produce seasonal and holiday ice rinks for their communities to enjoy. So if you’re looking to bring your community together with a holiday ice rink, made of real ice, with turnkey management and installation, this can all be handled by the professional staff at Studio 33.

For more information on getting a seasonal ice rink or any of the many great services that Studio 33 offers, contact the experts at Studio 33 today!


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