Crowd Control Tips for Your Next Big Event

Crowd Control Tips for Your Next Big EventThrowing a big event like a concert, charity auction or birthday bash this summer? Hosting an event for so many people is no joke, and there’s plenty to plan for. One thing you may not have considered is crowd control. Today we’ll look at a few ways you can keep the crowd in check so that everyone in attendance can stay safe and enjoy the day.

The first thing you need to worry about is check-in. As a general rule of thumb, you should have at least 1 staff member per 150 guests to keep the check-in line moving. If you expect most of your guests to arrive all at once, you’ll probably need a few extra bodies at the entrance to check everyone in.

If you’re hosting an event like a concert with many different moving parts that require coordination, you may need to have a day-of event planner on hand. It’s good to have someone in charge of the day’s events, so you can focus on attending to the needs of your guests. That person can be in charge of keeping the event and all its component parts on track, while you worry about other things.

If you’re going to be serving alcohol, consider roping off designated drinking areas and hiring security guards to keep an eye on the entrances. In case things get rowdy, you want to have some back up who can help smooth over arguments or remove guests who are causing problems. Make sure you have enough staff tending bar and serving food as well; it’s always a good idea to serve plenty of food at an event where there will be alcohol.

If your event is going to be held inside, make sure the space will be large enough to accommodate your guests. If the fire safety code only allows for 150 people in the event space, don’t invite 300! Entrances and exits should be clearly marked and unobstructed throughout the duration of the event.

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