Community Ice Rinks for the Holidays Have Many Benefits

It is your first date with that special someone. You want something romantic, but not overindulgently romantic. You need a balance between romance and fun. Then it hits you: ice-skating. You see it in the movies all the time, a couple holding hands and ice-skating. It is always fun looking, unless someone is clumsy and falls, but even then, it always bonds the couple and takes the date to that next level. Thankfully, your community hired outside contractors to build a top-of-the-line ice rink. It has been the talk of the town.

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At Studio 33, we install and operate complete turnkey ice rinks made of all real ice! If your community or town is thinking of installing an ice rink, now is the time to do it. Not many people think of ice rinks at this time of the year, but the installation does take some time. Imagine having that breathtaking ice rink ready to go when fall hits (it will be here before you know it)!

An ice rink brings the community together, functioning almost like a town square. It benefits any community from top to bottom, from the elderly to little children. There can be birthday parties, hockey games, figure skating competitions and many other activities. Additionally, an ice rink will benefit local merchants, as they can sponsor teams and set up advertisements. Most importantly, perhaps, is that a community ice rink provides a safe and entertaining place for the whole family to hang out. Not only is an ice rink the perfect recreational spot for any family, it is also a boost to the local economy.


Folsom California ice rink


My name is Brian Jackson and I founded Studio 33 back in 1986. Since then, we have installed countless seasonal ice rinks in many communities, Folsom California being a recent and unique one. We are the best in the business when it comes to ice rink installations. If you are in the California or the Western United States area, please contact us. Follow this blog and stay up to date with any of Studio 33’s exciting projects and events!


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