Planning A Mother’s Day 2015 Outdoor Event

Planning A Mothers Day 2015 Outdoor EventSunday, May 10th, mothers all over the world will be celebrated by family and friends. This day, creating an event to give moms lots of love and appreciation is the best way to spend it.

There are plenty of venues that are more than capable to handle an event where live entertainment and food is provided. Since Mother’s Day is in May, it is a great opportunity to hold an outdoor event. All moms love when they get to relax and have a great time making memories with those they love the most.

Live music that is tasteful in an outdoor setting complete with simple, yet elegant décor and delicious food makes for the perfect Mother’s Day 2015. Spring floral arrangements adoring the tables with pastel linens and little sweet treats with coffee and tea to enjoy while being entertained by a band nearby, you can just see mom smiling now.

Make Sure All The Details Are Correct

Planning an event with this much simplicity may seem easy, but it’s anything but that. A lot of work will go into making sure every detail is at its finest and that the ambiance is exactly what mom would want takes some help. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure all of the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted at the last minute.Planning A Mothers Day 2015 Outdoor Event

When you least expect it, what happens when you run into electrical problems and the band can’t play? Have you thought of what you will do for a restroom? If no formal facilities are available, you will have to revert to portable bathrooms. These are some of the instances where we can provide a solution for ahead of time.

Hiring a professional like us to make sure your set-up is as it should be and that event workers are up to date on the day’s festivities is what you will receive. Back-up generators, stage set up, LED lights, golf carts for workers and portable bathrooms are a few of the extensive services and items we provide.

Contact us today to find out how we can make your Mother’s Day 2015 event extra special.


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At Studio 33, It Will be a Summer of LEDs

California LEDsLED lights, also known as light-emitting diodes (LEDs), are changing the way people celebrate. At Studio 33, we have hundreds of them, and installed thousands.

According to the G4 Report, LED lights are being used to illuminate everything you can think of, from Baptist Churches to outdoor musical festivals.  LEDs are the most sustainable lights on the market, possessing a longer burn and life (up to 50,000 hours, maybe more) than your typical incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, not to mention that incandescent and fluorescent bulbs waste energy by spreading light in all directions and giving off heat.

For places like a small Church, wasting energy is very costly, and is a big drain on the budget, taking money away from other areas, like helping the community. By embracing LEDs, Churches are able to save money and work the air conditioning less, not to mention strengthening the aesthetic and visceral experience of attending a service. LEDs are more vivid in color than traditional lighting and are simply more enjoyable to look at.

Festivals are also hopping aboard the LED train, as the lights take the festival experience to the next level, pleasing attendees, but also saving on energy and money. It is really a win-win situation. Whether it is a concert tour, nightclub, theater presentation or tradeshow, LEDs add a much-needed sustainable flare to any event.

Studio 33 used 48 wash LEDs and 6 Moving LEDs on an outdoor concert series with national artists. The lighting combined with the efficient sound system used 22 amps at the peak power consumption. Studio 33 uses 48 outdoor rated LEDs at the Folsom outdoor ice rink for a unique night club type experience.

We provide the customer with a full event LED package, including LED curtains and much more. What this means is that we are there from beginning to end, helping with the setup as well as teardown, and anything else you might need. Our professional crews and designers are at your disposal. We will make sure your “event” utilizes size and efficiency, has lower temperatures and, most importantly, a long life!

If you are in the California or the Western United States area, and interested in light-emitting diodes lighting up YOUR life, please contact us! Remember, as Robert Alden puts it, “There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle.”



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