Should I Rent a Photo Booth for My California Event?

Why Rent A PhotoboothHave you ever been to a boring party or event? We all have, but no one wants things to turn out that way when they’re the host. People stand around awkwardly, drinks in hand, not sure what to talk about with people they don’t know very well. However, there is something that can change the atmosphere for the better…

In Sacramento and other cities around the country, one of the most popular items at parties is the photo booth.

Why does renting a photo booth make for a better party? Well, it gives party guests something fun to do with their time. It gives them a chance to chat with people they don’t know, and to clown around, playing with provided props. Add to that, they get a souvenir—a printed photo—to remember the good time they had at the party!

Today’s photo booths are a great addition to events because they engage the users and entertain them.

Want to choose whether the picture is in color or a more artistic black-and-white style? You can do it. Want to customize the print borders to make the picture framed in a cool way? No problem. Pictures print fast, and you can choose from different sizes. Add to that, the pictures from the event get uploaded to a private gallery online so people can see them all after the party ends.

Studio 33 of Southern California rents enclosed or open-air photo booths complete with a friendly host who ensures things run smoothly. In addition, Studio 33 provides craft scissors, artist pens and glue sticks for on-site scrapbooking.

Whether you’re formally celebrating a wedding or wildly partying for a big birthday, rent a photo booth. It’s a surefire way for your guests to remember the event in the best light possible.


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