Stay Safe on the Ice Skating Rink With These Helpful Tips

Stay Safe on the Ice Skating Rink With These Helpful TipsIce skating can be a lot of fun, but to enjoy this popular winter activity safely, there are a few tips you should keep in mind. These safety tips can ensure you have a great ice skating experience by preventing avoidable injuries.

Make sure your skates fit properly.

Unless you own a pair of skates, you’ll need to rent a pair to go ice skating at your local rink. There’s nothing wrong with rental skates, but be sure to lace them up properly and check their fit. If they’re too tight or too loose, take them back and ask for a new pair. Ill-fitting skates can make it much harder to maintain control on the ice.

Avoid body checking and skating against the flow of traffic.

Some people, especially kids, tend to act erratically when ice skating. They body check their friends, skate in the wrong direction and do other things that could put themselves and others in harm’s way. Don’t be one of these people. Avoid coming into contact with other skaters, and always skate in the same direction as the rest of the group.

Be prepared for falls.

No matter how well you skate, there’s always a chance that you’re going to fall. Be mindful of this possibility as you skate. If you do happen to fall, resist the urge to catch yourself with your arm since it could result in a broken wrist. Instead, try to tuck your arms in and roll onto your back as you fall to absorb the impact.

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