Bring Your Theatre Lighting to Life With These Helpful Tips

Lighting designers are the unsung heroes of stage production. Just imagine a scene where the theatre goes dark, and the spotlight follows the main character through the performance’s pivotal monologue. These are the scenes that stick with an audience, and to pull that off, you’ll need to pay close attention to your lighting.

Be Color Conscious 

The lighting in your next stage production doesn’t have to be monochromatic. Utilizing different color tones can change the way your audience sees the stage, and convey different moods that correspond to each scene. The color of your stage lights can even mimic natural lighting, such as the diffused golden glow of afternoon sunlight through tree branches.

Play With Patterns

In addition to colors, you can also incorporate patterns into your lighting design to achieve some striking results. You can use a variety of materials to accomplish this: cut metals, colored glass, or any number of gobos and LED designs. Create a starry night; a jungle backdrop or even a character’s dream world. Anything is possible with creative pattern work.

Light the Narrative

This is one tip we cannot stress enough: make sure the lighting is in sync with the performance. Thoughtful lighting can breathe new life into a performance, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with the piece before you finalize your design. This way, you can use lighting to gently guide the audience through the play’s narrative and draw attention to important details.

Know Your Gear

Before you start thinking about timing and color theory, make sure you understand your equipment. The last thing you want is for a lighting malfunction to derail the show. If you’re using a venue’s in-house lighting equipment, be sure to spend some time practicing with it before you start developing your lighting design. By the time rehearsals start, you should have a clear understanding of the capabilities and limitations of your equipment.

At Studio 33, we have all the professional lighting equipment you need to make your next theatre production a success. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more about our lighting rentals today!

LED-ing the Way: Why LED Lighting Is the Go-To Choice for Stages

LED-ing the Way: Why LED Lighting Is the Go-To Choice for StagesStage lighting has evolved by leaps and bounds during the last few years. As LED lighting has become popular and more affordable in all walks of life, more and more manufacturers have started to produce LED stage lighting. If you are interested in renting stage lighting equipment, you should consider using LEDs. Here are just a few of the benefits of LED lighting for stage lights.

LED Lights Don’t Use Much Electricity

To keep a stage lit up properly, you will need to use quite a bit of lighting. In the past, this could be problematic because traditional stage lighting would put a huge drain on power sources and cost a lot of money to run. That isn’t the case anymore. LED lights use far less power than other types of lighting, which means you can use more of them to light from every angle without putting a strain on your power source.

LED Lighting Doesn’t Produce Much Heat

If you’ve ever stood on a stage with a full array of lights shining, you know how hot it can get! Regular lighting produces a tremendous amount of heat which can warm up the stage area or mean you need to be extremely careful while taking down or moving lighting setups. By contrast, LED lighting doesn’t get very hot when it’s turned on. This will make adjusting lighting or tearing down your set much more simple and manageable.

LEDs Are Lightweight and Extremely Portable

Moving traditional lighting sources around can be a real chore. Lighting rigs are heavy and cumbersome, and aren’t easy to move around or adjust on a whim. LED lighting is usually a lot lighter, though, which makes it simpler and easier to move it from place to place, allowing you to get the lighting where you need when you need it.

LED Lights Last Longer than Other Lights

Chances are good that you’ll never need to worry about replacing an LED light bulb in the middle of a show, concert or other event. That’s because LED lights are well-known for their long lifespan. In fact, LED lighting can function properly for tens of thousands of hours, so you won’t need to keep backup lighting around.

Are you looking to rent stage lighting for anything from a major stage production to a small backyard event? Studio 33 Stage Productions can provide you with a full range of LED lighting options, special effects and even LED light curtains. Contact us at 909-783-1628 today to learn more and get everything you need for your event.

What Can Professional Stage Lighting Do For A Play?

As blockbuster movies take up more and more of our time and attention, the classic theater play stubbornly hangs around. There’s something about live stage acting that can’t be replaced by the big screen. However, great directors understand the importance of professional quality lighting for their stage productions. Good equipment and solid lighting technique can help theater productions to stay relevant, and even ahead, of our effects-obsessed entertainment culture.

Stage lighting can be used to control the focus of the audience where simple camera tricks can’t be employed. Imagine a character in a play, feeling lonely and isolated, beginning to sing a melancholy song at the far end of the stage. A spotlight can help to draw the audience gently towards him. Or maybe a thief is sneaking up behind an oblivious cast, while a light is used to make the audience fully aware of his presence.

Similarly, different qualities and colors of light can be used to affect the mood of any stage production. It’s easy to forget the extent to which different colors are associated with complex feelings and emotions. A stage dimly shrouded in blue-tinted hues provides a much different mood than one illuminated by bright yellow light.

Stage productions are also limited in the quantity and types of props that can be added to any given scene. Professional lighting is a great way to emulate things like snowflakes falling from the sky or the shadows of a dark forest when you are limited by space, time, and budget. Lighting effects are more vivid and realistic than ever before, and can greatly contribute to the “wow” factor of a stage production.

Lighting that is expertly planned and handled by highly skilled professionals can affect an audience in ways that they don’t even realize. For example, lights can produce and enhance illusions of depth that stretch the capabilities of a limited stage. What is important is not how the stage is set up, but how it appears to be set up from the vantage point of the audience.

Of course, these effects aren’t limited to traditional stage plays. They can be used to enhance anything from a musical performance to an elegant ballroom event. To see how lighting can improve the aesthetics of whatever important occasion you have planned, visit Studio 33 Stage Lighting and Special Effects.


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